Do You Sleep Well?

“As the bed, so the sleep”, it is an irrefutable fact of our life…

The bed is the most magnificent invention made by a human mind and noble soul, one of the rarest objects which has kept its basic form and function no matter the changes of thousands of years. A bed follows us from birth until death. We are born, we grow, love, rest and refresh, think and loaf in a bed. It is a well-known fact that there are truly only two most important things in the world: a good bed and a good pair of shoes, because when we are not in the bed, we walk in our shoes.

A bed has become an everyday matter so that we don’t think about it anymore, except when there is a need of buying one. People rarely wonder who invented one and how it came to mind to build one. What matters to us is that a bed is “near our body” and that we can rest whenever we feel like it.

When you are sleepy and tired, the feeling of a safe sanctuary arises. Subconsciously you long to crawl into something warm, like a womb. However, in spite of all comprehensions and blessings of this modern life most of people satisfy their needs of sleeping and resting in poor beds. During sleeping we have to get a quality rest and that is possible only if we own a proper bed which adjusts itself to the position of our body. If we had a good sleep, we will feel fresh and full of strength.

A bed must meet numerous demanding requirements which are quite unknown to us when searching for “our bed”. It must be made of natural materials, long-lasting, flexible, comfortable, placed in a good climate and have the ability of a good heat and moisture conductivity. And that is not all. Every single part of a bed system, which contains a basis, mattress, pillow and coverlet, must be mutually coordinated in relation to needs, habits and individual characteristics of a single sleeper. Then we have achieved a quality interaction of all elements so that all our senses will be satisfied, body rested and a quality sleep gained. The best indicator of whether we had a good rest or not is the morning awakening. Consequently, it is easy to conclude what kind of a day lays ahead of you. If you decide to choose one of the Bernarda beds, we guarantee that you will be waking up in the morning with a smile on your face and “sleep like a baby” at night.