portable antibacterial mattress for Your baby

This bag/mattress is the best choice, considering safety, hygiene and quality, to achieve a peaceful and safe sleep and play of your baby, no matter where you are. It is made of top quality, medically tested, antibacterial materials and does not contain mechanically firm elements. It is designed in two main layers – the middle core made of polyester (PES) wadding and TENCEL® textile made of cellulose (wood) basis and the upper coverlet made of antibacterial knitting quilted on the core. Innovative multi-layer core system is constructed according to the patent production process and provides an optimal adjustment to a child’s body. The TENCEL® fibers also provide a remarkable regulation of temperature and moisture conductivity which results in a relaxed, resting sleep and a good start in the baby’s new day. Considering the compounds, core flexibility and ability to be folded three times, this BAG/MATTRESS can be washed at 40°C, it is easily portable in a bag and makes the stay and sleep of the youngest ones in your family so much easier, no matter where you travel.