About The Company

Bernarda LTD

A company specialized in furniture production, trade and trade mediating.

Čakovečka 136a, Pušćine, 40305 Nedelišće
Tel: 040 895 300, Fax: 040 895 333
E-mail: bernarda@bernarda.com.hr

A Member Of The Board: Bernarda Cecelja
The company is registered at the Commercial court in Varaždin:
INDETIFICATION NUMBER: 070051481; Tt-04/351-2
Equity Capital: 5.895.500,00 HRK
INDETIFICATION NUMBER: 01389548; Activity-NKD 2002: 36140
PIN: 24476216342; NKD 2007: 3109

Transfer Accounts:
Međimurska Bank Čakovec: 2392007-1100032367;
Foreign Currency Account: 2392007-1100032367978;
IBAN: HR51239 100 7 11 000 3236 7;
Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.: 248008-1100992487

Business Development

The Bernarda Company LTD is specialized in furniture production, trade and trade mediating. It was founded in 1998 July 9th. The basic activity of this company is different beds and mattresses production, and its secondary activity is trading and transporting. The company is organized as a unique production and technology unity containing organizational sectors which perform specific business fazes (production, supplying, selling, book keeping and finances).

The head of the company and the main organizer is the director together with her team of sector managers or business phases. Mrs. Bernarda Cecelja is the 100% proprietor of the company. The Bernarda LTD produces beds, mattresses, bed systems and other sleep regarding products.

The company started the business in 1998 September 1st and was located at the same place where it is today. At first there were only 13 employees who were producing only five (5) different types of bed which were exported in a “lohn business” system way. The number of employees has been growing since the beginning and today there are 150 employees working in the company.

The mattress production and placement on the domestic market started in the year 1999 which resulted in 30% of total income achieved that year.

During the years 2000 and 2001 the company invested a significant amount of means to expand the working place and warehouse (approx. 600 m2). In 2002 the company opened a new plant in an adapted warehouse which was used to cut out, process and prepare elements, and to produce complete bed frames.

Since the beginning the director has always been investing into new capacities which resulted in new permanent means (buildings and plants). As it can be seen, the company has always been led by a development policy and different investments in new technologies and products developments.
The basic characteristics of the company’s policy which contributed to this development are:

1. Customer care
2. Introduction of the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system
3. Employees care
4. A constant growth of the production and sales, and the number of employees
5. Business stability

    The company today produces eleven (11) types of beds, twenty-five (25) types of mattresses and ten (10) other products. Its tendency to widen the assortment has never stopped and today the company spreads over an area of approx. 2200m2 of useful space.

    The complete infrastructure is perfectly in order in the whole area: electricity, water, gas, telephone, liquid waste, video-control, fire prevention, information system, central heating, compressed air, ventilation and private vehicles.
    The company owns only the most modern machinery due to specified production (cutting out, stitching, knitting, linking, drawing on, upholstering). A team of experts constantly follows and researches different technology and new material developments and secures their place in the company.

    The Bernarda LTD takes place among the three leading companies in the branch (production of mattresses, beds and bed systems). In the year 2003 the company’s products took place of 48,70% of the domestic and 51,30% of the foreign market. Cooperation with famous customers and suppliers has been going on very well all these years. The company found its place on the market by means of different offers, high quality and decent and competitive prices.