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To experience an utter relaxation on your boat or ship and to feel comfortable and cosy at the same time, there are some obligatory “details” which must be considered, for example the quality of sleeping on your “sea toy”; thus make the conditions of resting and sleeping on your boat as good as in your own home. The atmospheric conditions on a boat or ship are far more different and heavier than in a classic apartment or a house. There are numerous negative factors which affect the bed system of a boat or a ship, like moisture, closed areas with no air circulation, temperature conditions (condensation), etc.

Considering the few conditions mentioned above, we often find the mattresses on boats and ships to be full of mould, fungi and stench which shorten the lifetime of a mattress. In this case a frequent replacement is often required. To create a perfect mattress for you, there is a team of experts working in our company who study the quality of sleeping and resting on boats and ships.
Since our company is one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses and bed systems in Croatia, with an experience gained on foreign markets, we use a highly sophisticated technology during production and development, the newest materials prescribed and determined by the International Health Centres for Sleep Studying. Our team of experts is capable to produce and manufacture the most sophisticated beds – mattresses for your boat or ship according to World Health Standards.

The Bernarda mattresses for boats and ships – a guarantee to gain a good healthy sleep under any condition

A boat/ship mattress is made on a pocket wire core basis, CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilience) sponge or latex. It is made in all shapes, cannot burn and is aerated. The textile materials which are used to make bed spreads contain excellent antibacterial characteristics, hence the outstanding reaction against the active moisture changes, which decreases the possibility of mould and fungi development. The production of these types of mattresses is strictly individual due to many different shapes of mattresses and also situations in which these mattresses are used. Since in many cases the old mattresses are just being replaced by new ones, every order is being carefully studied by our team of experts according to desires of the buyer. Our studies and careful developments are a guarantee of a complete healthy sleep and rest, even in the smallest room of your boat/ship.

The Flooring Systems For Boats/ships: The Protection Of A Mattress Against Moisture

Since boats/ships contain rather small areas for placing beds/mattresses, we often come across situations where mattresses are installed without a quality slate system; in other words – without slates. When we talk about a quality slate system, we think of a system which meets the standards of two basic characteristics which are required in a boat/ship:

  • excellent ergonomic characteristics: a good flexibility of slates which allows the mattress to withstand the needed motions for a healthy body position during sleeping
  • a high-standard ethereal quality: the slate construction solutions must utterly allow the air to circulate beneath the mattress which ensures a dry atmosphere. This way we have decreased the danger of accumulating the unwelcome moisture, mould, fungi and stench. The lifetime of a mattress is extended and the conditions of the further antibacterial function ensured.
SPACE-FLEX systemThe Space – flex system utterly meets the standards and demands in any given conditions and situation. Its further advantage can be found in its extremely small height which is only 2 cm. That makes it perfect for usage on a boat or ship and in very small spaces. The SPACE – FLEX system is a picture of a quality bed system even when the boat/ship manufacturer did not foresee a slate system usage within the bed system.

The Bernarda Marine:
the new generation of flexible mattress supports
Bernarda Marine Froli LTX
The slat system for mattresses is based on so called Latoflex system, especially designed for boat/ship beds. With the usage of so called latoflex element units (lattices made of glulam) which are fasten with specially designed plastic spring flange, the flexibility of slates is increased, thus allowing the so called latoflex element units to move independently. Without any need for fastening the units within a bed frame, the circulation of air is frequent, hence creating a healthy hygienic atmosphere. Since the flange spring units are mutually connected, there is no need to fasten them within a bed frame. The junction between the elements is “soft” and the slates can be easily removed by rolling (in case you need to use the space under the mattress), thus taking up the minimum amount of space.

By its simple construction and usage of practical materials this type of a system does not require a great knowledge to be installed.

Bernarda Marine Froli FS
To achieve the max-imum flexibility of various segments and layers, we use as a basis plastic spring elements which create a web with their related linking units. Segmen-tal (dotted) flexibility which is achieved by this system allows the maximum adjustment of a mattress according to any changes of a body position to gain a completely natural relaxed position.

The units are produced in two basic types of rigidity: soft and medium hard. The level of rigidity can be individually increased according to buyer’s wishes in any desired zones by installing dragging elements within the system.

With a simple combination of these types of element rigidity, it is very easy to determine which zones can be made more rigid than the others.

The basic spring element is 13×13 cm in size, designed for the inner surface of slates, and smaller spring elements (13×5 cm) are used on curved or asymmetrical edges (these are mostly used in boat/ship beds). These smaller units are used to design and produce the most complicated shapes of slates.

By combining the bigger and smaller spring elements which are installed on the bed basis, it is possible to isolate the openings on the basis which make the elements completely functional with no need to remove the slates while using the storage under the mattress. This type of a system is especially practical for boats/ships because it is made of materials resistant to moisture, water, salt and the sun. Thanks to its compact web structure, this type of slates ensure the maximum circulation of air within the mattress, a quality health and hygienic conditions in a room. With its height of only 40 mm this system does not occupy a lot of space and there is no need for a special knowledge while installing it to the bed.